Hospitality Industry

Plastics for the Hospitality Industry

Broadening our material handling products line has allowed us to support the hospitality and health care industries with industrial utility carts, storage lockers, recycling carts and laundry trucks. These material handling products make efficient use of every inch of space to deliver and return more material goods per trip.

Food Industry

Fibertech Plastics products are FDA and USDA compliant for food industries. Because we use 100% virgin polyethylene, our plastic material handling products are safe for contact with food. Combo bins and bulk containers deliver a greater resistance to food and chemical penetration, which reduces potential risk for contamination. These bulk containers and bins are ideal for sanitary storage and secure transport throughout any processing facility. Fibertech Plastics combo bins and pallets are best for the job, from processing and handling to packing and distribution.


Fibertech Plastics is excited to now serve the commercial laundry and linen industries with our newest line of linen/laundry trucks. These plastic laundry material handling products are engineered specifically to better address the needs of the laundry industry, where increased payloads and improving efficiencies are critical. Our commercial laundry & linen products come in several sizes and caster configurations that are designed to be 100% free from corrosion. Plastic laundry trucks are ideal for collecting wet or soiled linens and distributing clean, fresh linens.

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