Industrial Plastic Recycling

Recycle Bulk Containers & Material Handling Supplies

Fibertech Plastics provides a complete plastic recycling service for plastic bulk containers and bins, such as center flow seed boxes, plastic crates and industrial storage containers.

Industrial plastic recycling by Fibertech Plastics takes bulk industrial scrap plastic and turns it into durable material handling products. Industrial plastic recycling converts scrap back into reliable feedstock for our preferred manufacturing process, providing ecological benefits and cost efficiency for operations of all sizes and volumes. We are able to process large pieces of industrial plastic as well as old material handling containers.

Recycling Helps Eliminate Landfill and Dumpster Expenses

Unlike other material handling manufacturers plastic manufacturers and recyclers, we are a rotational molder that uses and reuses our own processed plastic. Industrial plastic recycling, in addition to its environmental benefits, provides cost savings by eliminating landfill and dumpster expense, reducing trash and increasing recycling

Types of Plastic We Can Recycle

  • HDPE: Plastic pallets, totes, pipe, buckets, dunnage trays, obsolete parts, center flow seed boxes
  • PP: Plastic pallets, totes, supersacks, cups, pipes, obsolete parts and more
  • LLDPE: Roto scrap and regrind

Large industrial plastic recycling equipment enables us to safely process very big pieces of industrial plastic without secondary cutting operations. Streamlined industrial plastic recycling processes make getting rid of your plastic quick, easy and risk free.

Benefits of Fibertech’s Plastic Recycling Program

  • Better For The Environment

    Reduces contributions to environmental problems caused by plastic waste.

  • We Lab Test Your Materials

    Qualify materials for bulk containers and bins through our specialized in-house laboratory.

Let Fibertech Be Your Recycling Partner for a More Environmentally Friendly Operation.. And Put Some Money Back In Your Pocket

Fibertech Plastics empowers you to do your part in protecting the environment in a way that also benefits the efficiency and appearance of your company. Get rid of bulk containers and bins that are damaged and help your company as well as the planet. Whether your company is in the market for purchasing recycled materials, looking to sell scrap industrial plastic or turning scrap plastic back into processable feedstock – let Fibertech be your plastic recycling partner. We take bulk containers and bins that are no longer usable and put them back to work. We can recycle your old forklift containers, plastic crates and industrial storage containers with ease.


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