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Bulk Storage Containers + Material Handling Supplies for any Industry

Our industrial storage containers are designed with shipping and storage needs in mind. To find the right plastic containers, follow the links below to explore our complete product line, then call 800-304-4600 to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts.

Fibertech Plastics manufactures a comprehensive line of reusable plastic material handling containers and products, serving a broad range of needs in a variety of industries.

All our bulk containers, plastic pallets, plastic lockers, and recycling carts are engineered and manufactured to be in full compliance with FDA and USDA requirements. As experts in industrial storage containers, we offer a first-class line of reusable plastic products, as well as custom designed plastic rotational molding services and plastic repair & recycling services.

We are a rotational molder with experience building, repairing and recycling material handling products. Material handling companies know to come to us for products designed for the needs of shipping, handling and storage.

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